You Need To Know Best Personal Training Certification Canada?

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How to become a certified personal trainer in Canada??

There are many certifications and ways to become a certified personal trainer but some require more work, cost and time than others. These certifications all have text books that can be purchased online to prepare for the personal trainer test. We have broken down the most notable ones in Canada to take away the homework in researching them.

What is the best online personal trainer certification??

There are several online personal trainer certifications out there that claim to be doing the best but from my experience and discussions with other personal trainers in the fitness industry, I would choose ISSA. The best online personal training certification is ISSA.

What are the standards of personal training in Canada??

Like other countries, Canada has no laws regulating the standards of personal training. Your 90-year-old grandma could call herself a personal trainer. But unlike the U.S., Canada has no third-party agencies to accredit certifications, which helps to weed out the questionable ones.

What does it mean to be an accredited Personal Trainer??

It indicates that what you’re signing up for is a nationally recognized personal training certification. There are 3 main accrediting bodies you need to look out for when choosing an accredited personal trainer certification.

Personal Training Certification: The Best Choices In Canada

Again, some certification programs are geared strictly to in-person services, while others are broad enough to include online PT.If you would like to supplement your in-person services with online components (e.g. travel workout programs, Skype calls or training sessions, digital tips and resources), it is worth asking about these options before you choose your certification ...

BCRPA Certification The Best Personal Trainer Courses

BCRPA Certification from the Infofit professional fitness training program is the most highly sought after certification in BC’s fitness industry. Infofit prides itself on delivering the best BCRPA fitness certification courses available. Here are a few graduate testimonials and others from our industry partners.

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