Is There An In New Mexico Contractor License Requirements?

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How do I get a contractor license in New Mexico??

Select the NEW MEXICO CONTRACTOR LICENSING link for frequently asked questions provided by PSI. To obtain this license, the applicant must pass an exam and file an affidavit attesting to a minimum number of years of experience. Once your business has a qualifying party, you need to apply for a business license.

Do you need a license to work in New Mexico??

Contractor License Bonds In an effort to protect consumers from being victimized by unscrupulous inpiduals, New Mexico requires all contractors to have a New Mexico Contractors License before they begin working in the state. This includes general construction, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work.

What types of electrician licenses are available in New Mexico??

New Mexico offers Journeyman electrician certificates and general contractor licenses. Like contractors in construction and plumbing, electricians who intend to do contracting work are required to have a General Contractor’s license.

How do I get a business law license in New Mexico??

Those seeking licensing in New Mexico will be required to complete a Qualified Party-required Business Law test, as well as a General Building exam via PSI. Contact PSI for more information about New Mexico exam fees.

Application For A New Mexico Contractor License

Application For A New Mexico Contractor License Under Section 60-13-1 to 60-13-58, NMSA 1978 Fees & Facts about applying for a New Mexico Contractor's License 1. Review your application thoroughly for completeness and correctness before submitting it for approval and processing. Allow 3 to 5 working days for CLSI to process your application before calling this ...

New Mexico Contractor License Education TradesmanCE

New Mexico Contractors License Requirements Summary: Complete this convenient online Business & Law course (or pass the in person exam) Pass the in person Trade-Specific exam Submit an application to the Construction Industries Division How to ...

New Mexico HVAC Certification And License Requirements

The Heat, Air Conditioning Contractors License Exam is a 180 minute long exam that has 100 questions. A score of 75% is required to pass. The New Mexico Business and Law Exam is a 125 minute long exam that has 50 questions. A score of 75% is required to pass this exam as well. New Mexico EPA Section 608 Certification

New Mexico Contractor License Requirements

menos de 1 minuto Does your business need a qualified listed [...] Get Started! Credit management: secured debt — what is it, and how can it help a credit policy? Licensing Fee - $150.00 (all fees) Additional Classification Fee - $150.00. A General Contractors license is required in New Mexico (NM) prior to bidding on any project. Found inside – Page ...

Contractors License New Mexico Requirements

New Mexico Contractor License Education TradesmanCE. Online Show details . 7 hours ago Next up, you need to take the New Mexico Business & Law course that’s required for all contracting company qualifying parties. It’s a 16-hour course, but you can do it online.Alternatively, you can study for and take the business and law exam, but it costs ...

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