What Are The Different Types Of Sheepdog Church Security Academy?

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What is a sheepdog seminar??

” The Sheepdog understands the threat: they know that there are wolves among us. In response, they train and prepare in order that they might become better “protectors of the flock.” We have conducted hundreds of what we call Sheepdog Seminars. Most of the time our seminars are held in churches, where we train “safety teams” to be protectors.

What is a sheepdog??

There are those among us who have strong protective instincts. We call them “ sheepdogs. ” The Sheepdog understands the threat: they know that there are wolves among us. In response, they train and prepare in order that they might become better “protectors of the flock.” We have conducted hundreds of what we call Sheepdog Seminars.

How many church safety seminars have we participated in??

We have participated in over 1000 church safety seminars. Have you ever heard of Tywana Sanders? Tywanza was the young man who stood up to the cold-blooded killer in Charleston, SC in June of 2015.

Sheepdog Church Security – Faith Based Security Network

Sheepdog Church Security offers 25% of the two courses below using the exclusive coupon code found on the Members Only Resources page of the Members Forum. Safety Member Certification course The Certified Safety Member Course brings together all the sub-courses listed below, available as an online video-based training that can be taken anytime

Indications Sheepdog Church Security Training

Based on the Sheepdog Church Security training course, "Deescalating Disruptive Persons."[1] In the Bible Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to ...

Communication Sheepdog Church Security Training

Communication may be internal or external. For a Church Safety Ministry, communication can be in person, by written notes and memos, over two-way radio, and in reports. The "Sample Policies and Procedures" section in the Church Safety and Security Volunteer Academy [1] includes radio use, emergency communications, and reports & forms.

Qualified User Sheepdog Church Security

Sheepdog Church Security has several persons certified as onsite instructors. They will come to your church - if it is in their range - to conduct classes to certify each safety team member in the Sheepdog Church Security training series. So far, the listed instructors are in Arkansas, Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.

Basically Equipped Sheepdog Church Security

This is all the classroom Sheepdog Church Security training courses in one package. Not only that, now online classrooms are available for your church. Sign up your team for the program, and SDCS will send you a link to schedule classes where you can log ...

Training To Serve Sheepdog Church Security

Now Sheepdog Church Security has online courses for church safety and security ministries, beginning April 6, 2018 (the Friday after Easter). The first course to be available is "Church Safety and Security Volunteer Academy" [4]. It will be followed by "Dealing with Disruptive Persons using Verbal De-escalation."

Team Certification Sheepdog Church Security Academy

Online Training Events Join Sheepdog Church Security founder Kris Moloney for monthly training events via Zoom Meeting. Your ENTIRE church is welcome to participate. These live webinars each cover a different topic. Together we watch training videos, discuss implementation, and answer questions related to your church. How Events Help

Sheepdog Church Security

Sheepdog Church Security Training Academy Early Enrollment is Open! Enroll Now to Save! Sheepdog Church Security is an online academy that provides self-paced learning and certification to safety team volunteers within houses of worship. Pick your program below About Our Certification

Security Team Fundamentals Sheepdog Church Security

Online Individual Training Buy $19.97 Free Preview Course Description This online course is Video-Based training intended for individual students to take from any computer with internet access. After completion of the course and short exam, you receive a Certificate of Training that can be printed off and kept for record.

Individual Certification Sheepdog Church Security …

Online Training: Church security might not seem like a pressing problem, but it should be at the forefront of your mind. Between the start of 1999 and August 2017, there were over 1,600 incidents involving deadly force within America’s churches. ...

The Watchman Church Security Training DVD Series The

The Best Sheepdog Training DVD Available for Training Church Security Teams On A Tight Budget The Watchman is a video series that will help you get a church security team up and running from the ground up. No other sheepdog training video will prepare you as well as this one because of the approach to [...]

Sheepdog Church Security Academy YouTube

My company Sheepdog Church Security is a Private Online Academy that provides both Distance and Self-Paced Learning to Safety Team Volunteers. Our training focuses on Routine Safety and Security

Security Training Sheepdog Church Security

Security Training - Sheepdog Church Security Achieve Pastoral Protection through Professional Security TrainingSheepdog Church Security in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, provides ready-to-use training materials for church security teams to effectively eliminate crimes and risks in ...

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