Why Student Orientation Matter?

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What is the online orientation??

The online orientation is an interactive program designed to guide you through the registration process for your first semester and to prepare you to become a successful student at Glendale Community College.

Do I have to complete the orientation??

Students who have previously attended college do not have to complete the orientation, unless they applied as new students. The online orientation is an interactive program designed to guide you through the registration process for your first semester and to prepare you to become a successful student at Glendale Community College.

What is a virtual student orientation??

A virtual student orientation is a new student welcome week conducted remotely. As online college courses increase, more campuses move o-week activities online. What are the benefits of a virtual student orientation? Student bodies are perse. College attendees often come from many different states and countries.

How to create a successful college orientation program??

Include new students in fun college traditions throughout your orientation program. Teach students the school fight song, or incorporate the school mascot and branded giveaways in orientation activities. 6. Provide relevant campus resources Make your orientation program a single source of information and resources for your students.

Orientation For Online Students – Student Resources

The online orientation sessions will cover the technical aspects of studying online, review online examination policies, and share important information and resources for online student success. View the recording of CITL’s Orientation for Online students (Hosted January 10th, 2022) Here are a few steps to help prepare for your first online course:

JIBC Student Online Orientation Justice Institute Of

The JIBC Student Online Orientation is your go-to resource for information on the various services and supports available to you while you are enrolled in a JIBC course or program, face-to-face, or online. There are 5 units, each focusing ...

Online Orientation: Launchpad Royal Roads University

The orientation includes: a student café forum, where you can chat with other new students; information and videos about what it’s like to be a Royal Roads student; explanations of the skills and tools you'll need to succeed in your program; LaunchPad Live sessions. After you've reviewed the LaunchPad resources, you can participate in real-time sessions in an online ...

New Student Orientation University Of Alberta Students

Stay tuned for more information about New Student Orientation 2022! If you are interested in signing up for an email list for orientation updates, email [email protected] to sign up! Campus Tour. You will be able to access our virtual campus tour but going to the virtual tour tab on the left hand side. Click here to access tour details.

Orientation Get Started NSCC

Orientation Your program begins with Orientation on September 6 – an event designed to help you prepare for the great year ahead. Your campus will email you your orientation schedule in August 2022. Orientation is an important part of your program designed to help you: Meet your faculty and advisors Get familiar with learning online

Student Orientation Alberta Health Services

Student Orientation Student Orientation Welcome to AHS We look forward to you completing your placement with us. This orientation will introduce you to a lot of valuable information about AHS that you’ll want to know! Please contact [email protected] if you have any further questions. Policies covered in the Orientation Module:

Online Student Orientation Keyano College

Online orientation activities are offered to help you find the resources you need, meet our staff and faculty, and connect virtually with your peers. Take advantage of the activities and services available to you. Check out our starting college checklist and how to access your student login and email to make sure you are set for success on day one.

Online New Student Orientation Best Practices Guide

An online course shell with interaction and chat capabilities can enhance orientation activities, and social media pages aimed specifically at incoming students can also be created. Generally, offer a flexible path through the orientation activities, and offer ...

Orientation SAIT, Calgary, Canada

Home Accepted Students Orientation Orientation Welcome to SAIT! SAIT is much more than programs and buildings — it's your community. Explore what that community has to offer this week with a series of online info sessions and program orientation. Meet other SAIT students and chat to staff about all the supports available to students.

Orientation University Of Manitoba

Online Welcome Leaders Online Welcome Leaders are volunteers who work with staff and the Orientation Team Leaders to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for new students throughout online orientation programming. Applications for Online Welcome Leaders coming soon! Email [email protected] to be added to our mailing list.

Online Student Orientation Script Concordia University Texas

Online Student Orientation Script Page 8 of 12 . Slide Number Script . 18 Before class begins, read the syllabus carefully in order to understand the class expectations and requirements. Course syllabi should contain a schedule of activities, which you should review to avoid surprise due dates. You may want to print your syllabus and mark important dates for exams, ...

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