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How is a preceptor training program developed??

A preceptor training program was developed, using a blended approach. The approach included use of online modules of key concepts related to the roles of the preceptor, followed by a face-to-face class that reinforced the concepts.

What is the best book on preceptorship for clinical education??

Aspen. St. Joseph Hospital, Clinical Education Department (2001) “Preceptorship: A creative approach to quality performance (Preceptor Handbook).” March, 2001. Orange, California. Zwoski, K. (1982) “Preceptors for Critical Care Areas. Focus on Critical Care.9:5, 7-11. PowerPoint presentation preceptor program Preceptor Program Curriculum 10

What is the role of the preceptor in a nursing program??

Preceptors: nurture and support the newly graduate nurse; Nursing administration and nursing educators: collaborate to provide training and support to both the preceptor and the new graduate nurse; The preceptee: remain motivated and act upon feedback and support received.

What is preceptor program curriculum 30 Module 2??

Preceptor Program Curriculum 30 Module 2 – Role Model Suggested Time Frame – 1 hour of instruction Goal Statement – The goal of this module is to introduce the participant to the attributes of a preceptor as a role model. Behavioral Objectives – At the completion of this area of content, the participant will be able to: 1.

Preceptor Training Program

25+ CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS Each module is at least 50 minutes and grants at least one credit of CE/CME; the entire sequenced program is 25 modules with two bonus modules. EASY ONLINE LEARNING AT YOUR PACE All modules are online narrated presentations from preceptoring experts in their fields and specialties of healthcare.

Preceptor Training And Support Elsevier Education

Although the specific preceptor model may vary among different nursing and health professions programs, the need to prepare the preceptor for their role and continue to offer support throughout the training cycle is critical. This white paper suggests strategies to ensure that the preceptor experience is positive for the clinician, students, and faculty.

About Preceptor Training Program

Our comprehensive program consists of 25 modules (on average, 60 minutes each), delivered by subject matter experts and preceptoring leaders, designed to be taken in sequence. Modules are easily accessible online and can be done at the learner’s pace.


The Preceptor Training Program is an educational program designed to help you make the transition from staff/team member to preceptor. Learning to be a preceptor requires that you acquire and integrate new knowledge, attitudes, and skills. This program utilizes a variety of adult teaching strategies and active learning experiences to assist in your development as a ...

Implementation Of A Preceptor Training Program

A preceptor training program was developed, using a blended approach. The approach included use of online modules of key concepts related to the roles of the preceptor, followed by a face-to-face class that reinforced the concepts. Increased knowledge of the preceptor's roles can help the preceptor work with the preceptee in his or her individual unit and promote ...

Mosby's Preceptor 3.0

The hidden cost of homegrown programs. It costs approximately $117,000 1 to develop and maintain a homegrown preceptor training program. If you eliminate this responsibility for educators and instead implement a current, evidence-based, standardized online preceptor program, your educators can spend more time with nurses.

Preceptor Training Course ACEND's School

The Dietetics Preceptor Training Program helps preceptors of dietetics students prepare for and excel in their important role as teachers, coaches and mentors. This training awards 8 complimentary CEUs. Enroll for free Preceptor Course Curriculum 1 Welcome Welcome and Introduction 2 Module 1: Preparing for Your Role as Preceptor 3

Preceptorship Program McMaster University

McMaster BScN Preceptorship Program . Preceptorship is a teaching-learning approach utilized in professional practice courses at the senior level, a time when learners are making the transition from the senior student role to that of a professional nurse. The BScN Program utilizes a Preceptorship Framework for teaching-learning in both Level IV professional practice courses. ...

The PEP modules are hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS) called OWL (Online Western Learning). There are a few steps to gain access to the PEP modules on the OWL. These need to be performed only once - the first time you start using PEP. Once in OWL, please complete a one-time PEP questionnaire (found on the home page).

Preceptor Guidelines Preceptor Education And Support In

Preceptorship is a learning opportunity for students and professionals in medical radiation technology to gain hands-on experience in a healthcare setting under the guidance of someone who is experienced in their field.

Interprofessional Preceptor Training Collaborate

Interprofessional Preceptor Training A collection of online modules to support the training of preceptors and enhance clinical learning. Our Interprofessional Preceptor Training covers the fundamentals of teaching in a clinical setting, and provides guidance for introducing students to interprofessional, team-based practice.

PreceptorMentor Training Program The Canadian Nurse

The Preceptor-Mentor Training Program includes eight independent modules with short assignments and a live discussion to develop the experienced nurses’ capacity to mentor new nurses. This course is also part of CASN’s Nursing Residency Program. Format: Online, through Zoom & Moodle. Dates . March 15 – June 15, 2022. Participants may register at any time. The ...

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