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Home Oxford students Academic matters Study abroad Study abroad As a truly global institution, the University of Oxford understands the importance of international experiences to your academic, career and personal development. There are opportunities to study, work, or undertake research in dozens of countries across the globe.

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Study Abroad University Of Oxford

Home Oxford students Academic matters Study abroad Study abroad As a truly global institution, the University of Oxford understands the importance of international experiences to your academic, career and personal development. There are opportunities to study, work, or undertake research in dozens of countries across the globe. Visit Site

University Of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the leading universities in the world. The University of Oxford is one of the leading universities in the world. Department for Continuing Education. Gardens, Libraries and Museums. Ashmolean Museum History of Science Museum Visit Site

DPhil In Earth Sciences University Of Oxford

The University expects to be able to offer around 1,000 full or partial graduate scholarships across the collegiate University in 2022-23. You will be automatically considered for the majority of Oxford scholarships, if you fulfil the eligibility criteria and submit your graduate application by the relevant December or January deadline.Most scholarships are awarded on ... Visit Site

Department For Continuing Education University Of Oxford

The need for new learning opportunities throughout life is now recognised throughout society. An intensive, initial period of higher education is not always enough in times of rapid social, economic and technological change. The Department for Continuing Education is known worldwide as a leading provider of extended learning for professional and personal development. Visit Site

Music Graduate Courses University Of Oxford

The University of Oxford Music Faculty is one of the largest and perhaps liveliest music departments in the UK. It admits around 40 new graduate students every year from all over the world. As a globally renowned centre of teaching and research in all aspects of music, it is an exciting and stimulating environment for work and study. Visit Site

Law (Jurisprudence) University Of Oxford

There are two Law courses at Oxford: Course I is a three-year course; Course II is a four-year course which follows the same syllabus, but with a third year abroad at a university in France, Germany, Italy, or Spain (studying French, German, Italian, or Spanish law), or the Netherlands (studying European and International law). Visit Site

Law Graduate Courses University Of Oxford

Oxford’s Faculty of Law, one of the largest in the UK, offers you the opportunity to study alongside some of the best law graduates of your generation, under the direct supervision of some of the world’s leading legal scholars. Visit Site

Corpus Christi College University Of Oxford

Boasting a strong sense of community and a friendly atmosphere, Corpus Christi is one of Oxford’s older and smaller colleges. It prides itself on a strong tradition of openness, tolerance and fairness. Corpus Christi combines history with modernity; the college’s magnificent 16th-century library is still used by students today. Visit Site

Continuing Education: Medical And University Of Oxford

In collaboration with departments in the Medical Sciences Division, the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, and with the NHS, the Department for Continuing Education offers part-time graduate courses designed to meet the interests and circumstances of clinicians and scientists in a range of disciplines and professions. Visit Site

India University Of Oxford

Oxford University Press in India Oxford University Press (OUP), the University's academic publishing department, established a branch in India in 1912. Since then, OUP India has become one of the largest publishers in the region, with a presence also in the neighbouring countries of Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Visit Site

Computer Science Graduate Courses University Of Oxford

Computer science has grown rapidly in recent years and the department is home to a community of world class researchers and is consistently ranked amongst the very best computer science departments in the world, for both teaching and research. Visit Site

Computer Science University Of Oxford

Computer Science can be studied for three years (BA) or four years (Master of Computer Science). The fourth year allows the study of advanced topics and an in-depth research project. Students do not need to choose between the three-year and four-year options when applying to the course; all students apply for the four-year course, and then Visit Site

MSc In Advanced Computer Science University Of Oxford

The Department of Computer Science houses lecture theatres and seminar rooms in which most of the University lectures in Computer Science take place. It also runs a network of computers and other facilities devoted to the teaching requirements, and administers lectures, practicals, projects and some University-wide classes in Computer Science. Visit Site

DPhil In Computer Science University Of Oxford

The Computer Science Graduate Society (COGS) is an organisation within the Department of Computer Science that provides organised events and outings for the graduate students and research assistants within the lab. The Oxford Women in Computer Science Society (OxWoCS) aims to support and promote women in computer science. Visit Site

Dates Of Term University Of Oxford

The dates for reckoning Full Term 2021-22 and 2022-23 have been fixed, and the dates for reckoning Full Term 2023-25 have been fixed provisionally. The dates and provisional dates for Full Term 2021-25 are set out below: Dates of Full Term 2021-25 Fixed dates Visit Site

Music University Of Oxford

“The Oxford music course suits me because it is broad and varied, but also has lots of space to make it my own. For my final exams I am sitting papers in broad aspects of music history (from English renaissance polyphony to electronic music), analysis, and issues to do with how we study music but I am also writing a dissertation about the music in a primary school ... Visit Site

Academic Dress University Of Oxford

black gown only black gown and hood over everyday (smart) dress black gown, cap and hood over subfusc (see below) – i.e. “full academic dress” for bachelors and masters scarlet robe and cap worn over subfusc – i.e. “full academic dress” for doctors. Visit Site

Sport University Of Oxford

British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) fixtures, leagues and championships casual physical activity and great value fitness offers through your college or at the Iffley Road Sports Centre college facilities including: squash courts, gyms, boathouses, football pitches, cricket pitches and lively clubhouses Visit Site

Login User Account University Of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the leading universities in the world. Visit Site

Applying To Oxford University Of Oxford

If you're considering applying for graduate study at Oxford, our step-by-step guide will help you get started. Application Guide Follow our detailed instructions to prepare, complete and submit your application. Applicants with disabilities Advice and further resources to support applications from people with disabilities. Visit Site

Graduate Courses AZ Listing University Of Oxford

Please note that websites external to the University of Oxford may hold information on our courses. Those websites may contain incomplete and inaccurate information. Please refer to this website which provides the definitive and up-to-date source of information on any graduate course offered by the University. Visit Site

University Shops University Of Oxford

When you purchase from the wide range of official Oxford University products available online or at our shops in Oxford, you are helping to support the University's work. University of Oxford Shop The University's official store has now ceased trading. Bodleian Celebrate centuries of history and learning with the Bodleian Library's gift selection. Visit Site

Corpus Christi College Virtual Tour University Of Oxford

Corpus Christi College Virtual Tour. Have a look around! Here’s how the tours work: Each tour starts in the Porter’s lodge which is at the entrance to the college. From there you can navigate through the college and its grounds by clicking on the arrow button . In the top left corner of the screen you’ll see a menu icon with a list of all Visit Site

Research University Of Oxford

Research. Oxford University ranked number 1 in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for the sixth year running, and at the heart of this success is our ground-breaking research and innovation. 1 2. Oxford is world-famous for research excellence and home to some of the most talented people from across the globe. Visit Site

Verifying Qualifications University Of Oxford

To verify qualifications awarded by the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, visit the online shop. Student consent must be sought; full details are available on the online shop website. There will be a charge of £12 for this service. The department can only verify awards made by the Continuing Education Board. These include Visit Site

Online History Teacher Workshop University Of Oxford

Our Online Teacher Workshops are designed to support the development of practical history skills and provide advice on making a competitive application to selective universities such as Oxford. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions and share information.The workshops consist of 3 elements –Supporting the development of History Skills Making a competitive ... Visit Site

History Graduate Courses University Of Oxford

Working as an Oxford graduate student is likely to be an exhilarating experience. History in Oxford stretches from circa 300 AD to the present, and embraces in addition to its British and European heritage an exceptionally broad range of World history. It comprises an active research community of up to 800 senior academics and graduate students, all contributing to a range of ... Visit Site

History University Of Oxford

Oxford’s History course combines the examination of large regions over extended periods of time with more focused work on smaller social groups, shorter periods and particular themes. It provides a distinctive education by developing an awareness of the differing political, cultural, social and economic structures within past societies and how they interrelate. The ... Visit Site

Online And Distance Courses University Of Oxford

Online and distance courses. Join a worldwide community of adult learners. The Department for Continuing Education offers online courses across a wide range of subjects. Course formats include weekly classes, flexible short courses, single day and weekend events, lecture series and Oxford qualifications. Visit Site

Earth Sciences (Geology) University Of Oxford

Earth Sciences is the study of the planet we live upon. The rapidly-changing scope and nature of the subject is reflected in the course at Oxford, which provides sound and broadly-based scientific training. Visit Site

Earth Sciences Graduate Courses University Of Oxford

Theory, measurements, experiments, and observation of natural processes are all essential elements in the Earth sciences, and students with a strong background in all aspects of the physical sciences are encouraged to join the department. Oxford is one of the leading centres of geological research in the UK, topping the ranking for research Visit Site

Departments AZ University Of Oxford

A. Accelerator Science, John Adams Institute for. Advanced Research Computing. African Economies, Centre for the Study of. African Studies Centre. Ageing, Population, Oxford Institute of. American Institute, Rothermere. Anaesthetics, Nuffield Department of. Analysis of Resource-Rich Economies, Oxford Centre for the. Visit Site

Divisions And Departments University Of Oxford

There are four academic divisions within Oxford University. All have a full-time divisional head and an elected divisional board. Also listed are the Department for Continuing Education, and the University's Gardens, Libraries and Museums. Visit Site

Libraries University Of Oxford

SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online) is the main search engine for library collections across Oxford, providing access to information in over 100 Oxford libraries including circa eight million bibliographic records and more than 13 million item records. Visit Site

Degree Certificates And Letters University Of Oxford

Please place your order for certificates with the University online shop. Replacements incur a fee of £40 per certificate. Certificates ordered for delivery to the UK will be sent by Royal Mail first class post at no further cost, or by tracked and signed-for courier service courier at a cost of £15 – please make sure you select your Visit Site

Continuing Education University Of Oxford

Study online with Oxford Study with Oxford from anywhere in the world. Courses include weekly classes, flexible short courses, day events and Oxford qualifications. Short courses and events Accredited short courses Online Oxford qualifications Professional development Visit Site

Oxford University’s Academic Online Distance Learning …

Oxford University’s Academic Online Distance Learning Course This online course is exclusively for students who have been invited to take part by the Opportunity Oxford team. The course begins in early July and consists of structured, in-depth, problem-based academic tasks. Visit Site

Online University Of Oxford

Swiftstream is an online course and residential run by Hertford College for Year 12 students at state schools in Medway. We'll help you to develop the skills and confidence you need to make successful applications to Oxford and other highly selective universities through a programme of online sessions and a free residential trip to Oxford. Visit Site

Online Resources University Of Oxford

Online resources The University of Oxford offers a wide variety of online materials, resources and other support to supplement our regional outreach programmes, which you can access free from home. These range from materials designed to help students to develop their academic skills to advice about applying to University. Resources for students Visit Site

Mansfield College University Of Oxford

Throughout its history Mansfield has worked hard to make an Oxford education available to previously under-represented groups. The proportion of our UK students from the state sector is the highest of any college. Our small size and welcoming ethos make Mansfield a warm, informal environment where tutors and students work together to achieve academic excellence ... Visit Site

Online University Of Oxford

Ask Corpus Christi; Applying to Oxford. The main university website has a wealth of information and support if you choose to apply to Oxford. Here are links to some pages you might be interested in . Applying to Oxford; Fees and funding; Student life Staircase 12. Staircase 12 is an online hub of resources developed by University College Oxford for students aiming high at ... Visit Site