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Top Python Courses Learn Python Online Coursera

Python is a popular general purpose programming language used for both large and small-scale applications. With Python, you can discover how to bridge web development and data analytics.Python’s widespread adoption is due to its large standard library, easy readability, and support of multiple paradigms such as functional, procedural and object-oriented ... Visit Site

Xi'an Jiaotong University Online Courses Coursera

Xi'an Jiaotong University is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in China. Founded in Shanghai in 1896 as Nanyang Public, it was renamed Jiaotong University in 1921. In 1956, at the direction of the State Council, the university was moved to Xi’an, an important historical city, and renamed Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU). Visit Site

Psychology Online Courses Coursera

Psychology Online Courses Coursera Explore Health Psychology Psychology Psychology courses investigate the human mind and the ways it influences our actions. Subtopics include forensic psychology, child psychology, behavioral psychology, and psychology research. Animal Health Basic Science Health Informatics Healthcare Management Nutrition Visit Site

Top Agriculture Courses Learn Agriculture Online …

Agriculture courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Agriculture online with courses like Discover Best Practice Farming for a Sustainable 2050 and Understanding Plants - Part II: Fundamentals of Plant Biology. Visit Site

Computer Science Online Courses Coursera

Computer Science Online Courses Coursera Explore Computer Science Computer Science Computer science Specializations and courses teach software engineering and design, algorithmic thinking, human-computer interaction, programming languages, and ... Visit Site

Top Management Courses Learn Management Online …

7 rows · Taking online courses in management can optimize your knowledge of management principles, Visit Site

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Coursera

Get professional training designed by Google and have the opportunity to connect with top employers. There are 337,400 U.S. job openings in data analytics with a $67,900 average entry-level salary.¹ Data analytics is the collection, transformation, and organization of data in order to draw conclusions, make predictions, and drive informed decision making. Over ... Visit Site

Top HR Courses Learn Human Resources Online Coursera

Top HR Courses - Learn Human Resources Online Coursera Browse Hr Hr Courses Showing 512 total results for "hr" Human Resource Management: HR for People Managers University of Minnesota Specialization 4.8(11,158) 230k students Beginner Human Resources Analytics University of California, Irvine Course 4.6(527) 26k students Mixed Visit Site

Top Design Thinking Courses Learn Design Thinking …

Yes, Coursera offers courses and Specializations specifically geared towards design thinking and other skills you need to succeed in today’s innovation economy. Like online courses in other topics, you can attend virtual lectures, study course materials, and complete coursework on a flexible schedule, which is a particularly valuable benefit for entrepreneurs and other ... Visit Site

Data Analysis Online Courses Coursera

100% ONLINE Data Analytics for Managers MasterTrack® Certificate from Tufts University 100% ONLINE Machine Learning for Analytics MasterTrack® Certificate from The University of Chicago 100% ONLINE Popular Topics Excel Power BI Tableau Data Visualization SPSS VBA MATLAB Data Modeling Statistical Analysis Other topics to explore Arts and Humanities Visit Site

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coursera

You will also learn how to bring your maps and data to the Internet and create web maps quickly with ArcGIS Online. Take GIS Data Formats, Design and Quality as a standalone course or as part of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialization. Visit Site

Electrical Engineering Online Courses Coursera

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder 100% ONLINE Explore MasterTrack® Certificates Construction Engineering and Management MasterTrack® Certificate from the University of Michigan 100% ONLINE Sustainability and Development MasterTrack® Certificate from the University of Michigan 100% ONLINE Visit Site

Cybersecurity Coursera

Cybersecurity Fundamentals. Construction of Secure Systems Enroll for free. Explore. Online Degrees Find your New Career For Enterprise For Universities. Browse; Top Courses; Log In; Join for Free Browse. Computer Science. Computer Security and Networks. Cybersecurity Specialization. Cybersecurity Fundamentals. Construction of Secure Systems. 4.6. stars. ... Visit Site

Top Chemical Engineering Courses Learn Chemical

Top Chemical Engineering Courses - Learn Chemical Engineering Online Coursera Browse Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Courses Related topics: physical chemistry organic chemistry thermodynamics advanced chemistry biochemistry engineering Showing 34 total results for "chemical engineering" Industrial Biotechnology University of Manchester Visit Site

Top Bim Courses Learn Bim Online Coursera

Learn Bim online with courses like BIM Fundamentals for Engineers and Construction Management. Explore. Online Degrees Find your New Career For Enterprise For Universities. Browse ; Top Courses; Log In; Join for Free; Browse; Bim; Bim Courses. Showing 16 total results for "bim" BIM Fundamentals for Engineers. National Taiwan University. Course. Rated ... Visit Site

Top BIM Courses Learn Building Information Modeling

Building information modeling, or BIM, is the use of intelligent 3D modeling software to help architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals with project planning, design, construction management, and ongoing building operations. Because it also greatly enhances collaboration between team members, learning the process of working with BIM has become ... Visit Site

Top Cybersecurity Courses Learn Cybersecurity Online

Cybersecurity courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Cybersecurity online with courses like IBM Cybersecurity Analyst and Introduction to Cyber Security. Visit Site

Top Communication Skills Courses Learn …

And, with virtual live sessions, office hours, and team projects, you can be assured that online courses on Coursera can help you develop spoken as well as written communications skills. Indeed, with online communication becoming more important than ever, learning online is a perfect way to practice and improve these skills remotely, on a flexible schedule, and at a ... Visit Site

Top Data Mining Courses Learn Data Mining Online …

Data mining insiders may make data mining out to be extremely complex, but you may be able to learn the basic skills from online courses, online videos, websites, and web discussion forums. If you're interested in data sciences and how they may propel certain business decisions, then it may be a smart move to learn about data mining, as it’s part of the big data revolution ... Visit Site

Data Mining Coursera

The Capstone project task is to solve real-world data mining challenges using a restaurant review data set from Yelp. Courses 2 - 5 of this Specialization form the lecture component of courses in the online Master of Computer Science Degree in Data Science. You can apply to the degree program either before or after you begin the Specialization. Visit Site

Top Journalism Courses Learn Journalism Online …

Journalism courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Journalism online with courses like Become a Journalist: Report the News! and Good with Words: Writing and Editing. Visit Site

Top Corporate Culture Courses Learn Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Corporate Culture online with courses like Reputation Crisis? Facebook meets Cambridge Analytica and Implementing Connected Planning. Visit Site

Top Culture Courses Learn Culture Online Coursera

Culture courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Culture online with courses like Fandom and Popular Culture in the Digital Age and Culture-Driven Team Building. Visit Site

2021 Top Project Management Courses Online Coursera

7 rows · Learn Project Management online with courses like Project Management Principles and Visit Site

Strategic Management Coursera

100% online Start instantly and learn at your own schedule. Course 1 of 4 in the Strategic Management and Innovation Specialization Approx. 11 hours to complete English Subtitles: Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, Spanish Skills you will gain Strategic Management Visit Site

Top Strategic Management Courses Learn Strategic

Strategic management: Be competitive Macquarie University Course 4.8(259) 6.6k students Beginner Entrepreneurial Strategic Management University of New Mexico Course 4.6(237) 9.8k students Mixed Analyzing the Internal/External Competitive Profile Matrix Coursera Project Network NEW Guided Project Intermediate Strategic Management - Capstone Project Visit Site

Top Online Marketing Courses Learn Online Marketing

Online Marketing courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Online Marketing online with courses like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ... Visit Site

Marketing Online Courses Coursera

100% ONLINE Global Leadership & HR Management MasterTrack® Certificate from Macquarie University 100% ONLINE Popular Topics Market Research Digital Marketing Branding Brand Management Advertising Social Media Marketing Marketing Analytics Other topics to explore Arts and Humanities 338 courses Computer Science 668 courses Data Science 425 courses Visit Site

Leadership And Management Online Courses Coursera

Leadership and management courses offer resources for both new and seasoned leaders to become Visit Site

Top Higher Education Courses Learn Higher Education

Higher Education courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Higher Education online with courses like Leading for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education and Assessment in Higher Education: Professional Development for Visit Site

Top Economics Courses Learn Economics Online …

Learn Economics online with courses like Financial Markets and Introduction to Economic Theories. Explore. Online Degrees Find your New Career For Enterprise For Universities. Browse; Top Courses; Log In; Join for Free; Browse; Economics; Economics Courses. Showing 1131 total results for "economics" Financial Markets. Yale University. Course . ... Visit Site

Economics Online Courses Coursera

Economics courses explore how individuals and groups manage resources and react to scarcity. Subtopics include personal economics, economic policy, international economics, and economic development. Education. Governance and Society. Law. You are Currently on slide 1. Earn Your Degree . Global Master of Public Health. from Imperial College London. 100% ONLINE. ... Visit Site

Top Environmental Science Courses Learn Environmental

Environmental Science courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Environmental Science online with courses like Introduction to Sustainability and From Climate Science to Action. Visit Site

Environmental Science And Sustainability Online Courses

100% ONLINE Most Popular Environmental Science and Sustainability Courses Free English for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics University of Pennsylvania Course Geographic Information Systems (GIS) University of California, Davis Specialization (5 Courses) Free Cómo autoconstruir tu vivienda Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Visit Site

Top Algebra Courses Learn Algebra Online Coursera

Algebra courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Algebra online with courses like Algebra: Elementary to Advanced and Álgebra básica. Visit Site

Top Infectious Disease Courses Learn Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Infectious Disease online with courses like Infectious Disease Modelling and Epidemics - the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases. Visit Site

Top Chronic Disease Courses Learn Chronic Disease …

Chronic Disease; Chronic Disease Courses. Showing 17 total results for "chronic disease" Stanford Introduction to Food and Health. Stanford University. Course. Rated 4.7 out of five stars. 23480 reviews. 4.7 (23,480) 670k students. Beginner. Precision Medicine . University of Geneva. Course. Rated 4 out of five stars. 50 reviews Visit Site

Global Disease Masterclass: Communicable Diseases

This course is all about infectious diseases. We’ve selected four disease areas — HIV, Malaria, Emerging Infectious Diseases (Ebola and Zika), and TB — and we will go through each in turn. We’ve selected these diseases because they span a range of different types of disease and allow us to look at important issues that relevance of other diseases too. We will look at each ... Visit Site

Top Coding Courses For Beginners Coursera

Beginner Coding courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Coding online with courses like Python for Everybody and Coding for Everyone: C and C++. Visit Site

2021 Top Microbiology Courses Skills For A Microbiology

Courses offered through Coursera cover the critical uses of Microbiology. Learners can explore what antibiotics and antimicrobials are, what they do, where they come from, and how they act on bacterial cells. The theories and methods of antimicrobial resistance are covered, including testing, detection, and analysis. These lessons enable successful course takers to understand ... Visit Site

Top Film Courses Learn Film Online Coursera

Online courses can introduce you to the fundamentals of film, such as film theory and the history of cinema. You can also learn practical skills such as how to edit shots and promote a film. Writing courses can help you master the art of creating intriguing characters and telling a story from different points of view. Visit Site

Speak English Professionally: In Person, Online & On The

This course is part of the Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization Speak English Professionally: In Person, Online & On the Phone 4.7 9,190 ratings Amalia B. Stephens Enroll for Free Starts Mar 18 Financial aid available 789,598 already enrolled Offered By About Instructors Syllabus Reviews Enrollment Options FAQ About this Course Visit Site

Top Powerpoint Courses Learn Powerpoint Online Coursera

Powerpoint courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Powerpoint online with courses like Microsoft 365 Fundamentals and Data Analysis and ... Visit Site

Fundamentals Of Finance Coursera

Welcome to Fundamentals of Finance. This 4 module course will help you understand and affect the performance of your unit or organization’s profitability. By the end of this course, you will be able to implement finance and accounting concepts to drive your organization's growth, analyze financial statements and understand the factors in productivity and profitability, and create ... Visit Site

Introduction To Corporate Finance Coursera

Welcome to Introduction to Corporate Finance! This first module will introduce you to one of the most important foundational concepts in Finance, the time value of money. Before diving into the Video lectures, I encourage you to take a look at the brief pre-reading for the course. Specifically, have a look at “Big Picture Course Motivation Visit Site

Security Online Courses Coursera

Choose from hundreds of free Security courses or pay to earn a Course or Specialization Certificate. Security courses and specializations teach information security, cybersecurity, network security, blockchain and more. Learn skills such as Visit Site

Top Wharton Courses Learn From Wharton Online Coursera

With MasterTrack® Certificates, portions of Master’s programs have been split into online modules, so you can earn a high quality university-issued career credential at a breakthrough price in a flexible, interactive format. Benefit from a deeply engaging learning experience with real-world projects and live, expert instruction. Visit Site

Learner Reviews & Feedback For Child Nutrition And …

Find helpful learner reviews, feedback, and ratings for Child Nutrition and Cooking from Stanford University. Read stories and highlights from Coursera learners who completed Child Nutrition and Cooking and wanted to share their experience. very useful and practical course.. it boosts my positive energy to cook more and more in healthy way Visit Site

Top Music Theory Courses Learn Music Theory Online

Music theory is a broad discipline, but online courses on Coursera can help you learn it with the flexibility that fits your lifestyle. You’ll have access to information that can help you gain a foothold in the concepts and rules that govern music theory, and you’ll also have the opportunity to discover practical applications that can help you compose and perform music more effectively. Visit Site

Top Free Courses Data Science Courses Learn Free Courses

Free Courses Data Science courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Free Courses Data Science online with courses like Combiner des données de plusieurs tables SQL and Datenanalyse mit R und dplyr. Visit Site